Friday, April 4, 2014

A Word about General Conference Prep

Guy and Scarlett received letters in the mail yesterday from their Primary teacher.  (They are both in the same class.)  The top of the letter said, "What do you do to make General Conference special?"  It went on to give ideas of things to watch and listen for and asked them to answer a list of twelve questions over the course of General Conference, because they would be using the answers during a game in their class next Sunday.

I am so amazed time and again by the love of this great woman, who my children have had as a Nursery Leader and last year as a Primary teacher.  She goes the extra mile to show love to her all children!  What an example she is to me.

Now, I just want to say something about General Conference prep.  We go out of our way to do special things around General Conference, because we have the time and the means and the desire to do it, but that is not always necessary, nor is it everyone's way.  Only you know what is needful for your family and your current situation.  When we follow the spirit in what we do, it is always good enough.

My husband started telling me about a friend of ours last night.  He lives basically in squalor.  It brings tears to my eyes just to think of it.  Life did not deal him a desirable hand. He has so many challenges, and in our opinion, is often taken advantage of.

So when Steve brought him up, I said, "No, please don't, I just can't take it."  His circumstances, I think it's safe to say, no one reading this blog has ever or will ever have to endure.  Nor could you imagine what his life is like.  Trust me.

So, he said, "No, listen.  I just want to tell you, after every General Conference, someone loans him their Conference CDs, and he sits there in his trailer and listens to General Conference all day."

Of course, I wanted to cry now, but I didn't.  I just felt humbled by his desire to hear the word of the Lord, minus the comforts of a soft couch or a warm home, or delicious food, prepared by a loving mother (or even a friend), minus doodle books or candy or a big-screen TV.

I wonder how willing are we to drink in the messages of Conference...even if all of the luxuries and beautiful celebrations were stripped away?  Hopefully, we all realize how blessed we are to be able to attend General lucky we are to have the freedom just to talk about it still without backlash.  So many blessings to stop and notice and thank God for.

The funny thing is that yesterday as I was preparing meals ahead of time for the General Conference weekend, I thought, "I should double this recipe."  But who would I give it to?  I thought of my friends, the sisters I visit teach...who?  I thought, no worry, the Lord will help me figure that out.  It's very easy for me to double.  Well, I know who will get that meal now.

I don't mention that to toot my own horn, I was simply following orders.  I have been abundantly blessed, and have no room to brag of my own merits.  I mention it as a testament that the Lord knows his sheep and cares for us individually.  We might not all have the same things or need the same things in life, but like the lilies of the field, God takes care of each one of us individually and is aware of us.  I can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for this friend of ours and for his willingness to turn to the words of His living prophets without any fanfare.  And I am thankful for his example to me.


  1. Great thoughts, as usual. I permanently logged off blog-world today, but I feel totally "safe" about it knowing there are important voices like yours still out there. Love you.