Thursday, April 3, 2014

Free General Conference Doodle Book

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I tried my hand at making a General Conference Doodle Book for our family recently, and thought I'd share.  

Here it is...The trivia on the right-hand-side is specific to what we've studied as a family in our General Conference Review Lessons, so don't feel badly if a few of the answers allude you.

You can access the download below.

Just print. Cut in half.  Hole punch.  Tie with ribbons.
(I tied the ribbons loosely so that the kids can turn the pages of their doodle books easily.)
Enjoy...or don't...whatever...the laundry calls!!!

And if you're looking for more ideas for getting the most out of General Conference, 

please check out my General Conference Ideas page!


  1. You are so amazing! I thought I was doing well handing the kids some Conference bingo sheets and buying fun munchies for this weekend today! :) Thanks so much for sharing--these will be especially great for the older kids.

    1. Well, thanks! It was just something I wanted to try and see if I could do. I'm not artistic, so it took some concentration to get it halfway decent, but my kids love doodle books (we have a few we take to church). I ran out of time on the last two pages and just threw it together. Maybe I'll go back and make some better pages for the last two. Thanks, Laura.

  2. I would benefit from this as much as my kids! I love to take notes. How cool!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I've tried to make some cute notes pages for my kids that are moving to actually taking their own notes, not just sticking stickers all through Conference. I have had a full flop in that department, but this is AWESOME! Thank you SO much!!!!