Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Bunny FHE

I think that I've mentioned here a time or two how I am really in to bunnies this Easter. 

I've been collecting bunnies where ever I can find them inexpensively.  These two are my latest find from a thrift store and a local yard sale.  Kids who come to my house have a hard time believing that the brown one isn't really chocolate! :)  One girl actually tried to scratch off some chocolate for herself!  I had to laugh because that's something I would have done at her age/just yesterday.

We love using symbols in nature to teach our children more about the gospel, so I was excited when I stumbled on this cute idea from Happy Home Fairy for using bunnies as a reminder for how a true follower of Christ should act and live.  (Ha!  Bunny collection....justified!!) It's called "Real Easter Bunnies..." and you can print it here.  I used her printable during our family home evening last night.

First, we sent the kids on a scavenger hunt around the house to count ALL of the bunnies they could find.  We came together and shared our answers.  

Then we talked about how there are a lot of little miracles that happen in nature in the Springtime that can remind us of the miracle of Christ's resurrection.  We said that in The Book of Mormon we learn that all things denote that there is a God and all things testify of Christ.  So what things can we observe about bunnies that can help us remember ways to follow Christ?

Using post-it notes, I covered the scriptures referenced on HappyHome Fairy's printable and had the kids come up one by one and reveal to us the attributes of "Real Easter Bunnies" or "true followers of Christ."

Some of them include that "real Easter bunnies" have big feet to go tell others about Jesus.  Real Easter Bunnies have big ears that are quick to listen and obey the word of God (and their parents.)  Real bunnies have no voice for arguing or complaining and are quiet in prayer but hop with thanksgiving and rejoicing in the glad message of Easter.  And so-on.

There are all things that our family needs to work on, so this lesson was perfect for us and a perfect way to say "let's work together and let the symbol of the Easter bunny remind us to become more sincere followers of Jesus Christ this Easter season."  It's also fun that my 17 month old has recently discovered the magic of animals, so this is a lesson that can appeal to children of many different ages.

We ended the lesson on a chocolatey note.  They each got a card that says "No bunny loves you like Jesus," and we enjoyed eating chocolate bunny suckers.

If you are looking for more Easter fun to have with your family, check out my page of
Christ-centered Easter Ideas.


  1. What a fun FHE idea. Sure wish I still had more kids at home!

  2. I love Easter! For some reason, I am into birds this season! I am glad to run into this blog! I have been looking for other Mormon bloggers! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I am so happy you liked my real Easter bunny! :-) You are a great mom! Looks like your Happy Home had a lot of fun!

  4. I am on a blogging vacation but couldn't resist stopping by to read a few posts. Wishing you an awesome Easter Celebration.
    Blessings and hugs to you all!

  5. Sorry I didn't see this before Easter. I would have clued my DIL in!

  6. I love the link you included, it's all so true. Your drawing goes so perfectly along with it. Thank you, we look forward to doing this tonight for our FHE.