Sunday, April 6, 2014

Small but Mighty

Do you know what is cool?  Looking on Facebook and seeing all these kids getting way in to General Conference! 

So many people spoke directly to youth during their talks yesterday, I lost count.  

Just as the Lord gathered in his daughters during the Women's session last Saturday, this weekend, He is gathering the rising generation around Him.  Gathering them, teaching them, loving them, smiling down upon them, strengthening them...and giving us the tools to bring them to Christ.

He is doing it through his prophets and apostles, through church leaders, through parents, mothers, fathers, and siblings.  

Children are precious to the Lord, and that is clear to me in what was said yesterday, and in how I saw children responding to the spirit of General Conference.

My children have been enjoying their homemade doodle books.  So much that Guy and Scarlett took time this morning to create doodle books of their own.  Guy asked me to share his with you.  I'm sure there's got to be some little boy out there who would appreciate Guy's Clash of Clans and other boy-related artwork!!  He drew half of the picture.  You finish the rest yourself!  (Or your kids can make doodle books of their own!  Try it!  It's fun!)


  1. totally agree... I've seen several cute pictures of kids listening/watching conference and I told another mom, everybody should send these to the friend and they should do a collage - call it "Come Listen to the Prophet's Voice" or something like that.

    1. I think I saw something that said the Friend was looking for just that...but I can't find it right now. Send it anyway!

  2. we had fun with conference bingo! a first in the family with the grandkids!