Thursday, September 19, 2013

Uchtdorf: With Christ, Darkness Cannot Succeed

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Actually, as I have stated previously, we are actually quite afraid of ghosts...and the dark...and lots of spooky things and bad dreams.  But who isn't? (And we're working on it!)

This week at FHE, we discussed President Uchtdorf's mantra: 

"...with Christ, darkness cannot succeed."

That President Uchtdorf...He's so good with the one-liners!...and picking out his ties...and flying airplanes...and did I tell you that I met him once?  Yes, right after he was called to be an apostle.  I shook his hand after he spoke at our Stake Conference, and then I said something super forgettable.  Memories!

Anyway, President Uchtdorf talked about "The Hope of God's Light" in the last General Conference, and to illustrate some of the imagery he used, we made these milk jug lanterns.

Very easy.  Very cheap.  All you need are washed-out milk jugs, scissors, permanent markers, and a light source.  We used camping lanterns that we bought in the Target dollar bin earlier this summer.  But you can use tea lights, candles, flashlights, or a string of Christmas lights to make your lanterns glow.

Oh yeah, and we did a Google image search for silhouettes of cats and owls and stuff and then I drew the images as best I could and my children colored them in and added their own flare.  Lest you think my kids are art prodigies or something...they are not.  We are just resourceful!

That is a pretty sweet owl though, don'tcha think?  And that cat...yes!

Scarlett said this was her favorite FHE ever.

I think Honor thought so too, as she crawled around the table admiring our handiwork.

Good times.

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  1. I am totally stealing this idea (we have one little boy who prays every night not to have bad dreams). Thanks!!!

  2. Elder Uchdorf's ties are the best! Have you noticed he changes for each session of conference? Of course you have!

    1. Haha...yes well I only figured it out a few confs ago...I thought he must've spilled something on his tie at lunch...then someone explained it to me. He is so tv sure knowing they will be replaying his messages has something to do with that.