Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karma and Killian

I often hear people talking about Karma--usually wishing bad luck would finally enter the life of someone who has done many misdeeds to others.

But you rarely hear something positive connected with so-called Karma--the belief that what you do comes back to you.

But I am about to tell you about someone who has taken Karma and turned it on its ear.

Apparently, when we were on a trip to Washington DC recently, we stopped in the Barnes & Noble in Arlington, VA to look around, and we left behind a special part of our family..."Mousie Boy."

Since Mousie Boy is part of a pair, we didn't notice his absence. 

Then this afternoon, we received a box.  Inside it was Mousie Boy and a note (pictured above) that read:

"I work at Barnes & Noble and found this in the Lost & Found.  I don't think anyone noticed it had the address tag on it, because it was about to get donated with the other items.  I grabbed it up so that I could send it to you.  When I was little, I left my Snoopy at Arlington Cemetery, and I never got him back.  I'm glad at least I can return your mouse to you. --Killian"

I was blown away that this person, a Barnes & Noble worker, would take the time to help reunite a well-worn stuffed animal with our little girl.  

Killian, whoever you are, thank you for being caring and observant and taking the time to save Mousie Boy from becoming permanently separated from his two loves...Mousie Girl and Autumn, my four-year-old daughter.

We're sorry to hear that you never got Snoopy back, but you took an unfortunate memory and turned it into a beautiful act of kindness toward another person.

You are beautiful.  Thank you!  

And if you've been around this blog long enough, you know that this isn't the first time that one of our beloved Mousies has gone missing and been miraculously returned (via multiple handlers!)  

If you want to hear about the first time Mousie got lost then you need to read "A Tale of Two Mousies."  

Now I need to go get Mousie a new address tag, because the mouse was actually sent to our old address...and the person who lives there now hand-delivered the box to us.  So now you know...the rest of the story!

If you like this story, feel free to share it.  Killian deserves a little recognition for caring about the little and the lost.


  1. Way to go, Killian! I did share it on my FB. :)

  2. What kindness! Now to just find an old snoopy to send to Killian as a thank you....

  3. That is so sweet! Wow. There are some really decent people in this world.

  4. This indeed was a wonderful story; thanks for sharing it. I love uplifting stories of kindness.