Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eyring: Drawing Closer to Him

Oh, man, you guys, we are getting so close to earning that President Monson-shaped cake that Steve promised us!

Periodically, through the day/week, we have little verbal quizzes, and the kids have shown that they can name (and identify) all the apostles/prophets and can almost always recall one or two of their latest teachings correctly.  So exciting.  

I can see what a huge difference this is going to make in their viewing of this next General Conference, because as we were watching BYU-TV the other day, Guy nearly jumped out of his seat when he recognized a young Elder Perry in a commercial about a documentary detailing his life.

I can see that knowledge is power...and the children now have an intimate knowledge of the Brethren through learning about and living their teachings.  The gospel is a beautiful, real, living thing!  And my children have grown so much in the last five months or so of studying and living it!

To help us remember President Eyring's teaching that "By His words and His example, Christ has shown us how to draw closer to Him," we are going to look for ways to serve others often in the coming week...and see if it does indeed help us to draw closer to Him.

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  1. what a creative mom-gospel teacher you are!

  2. I love what you have done with the kids. I wish I knew the apostles and their teachings that well! I'm amazed that you've been able to pull this off. Just the thought of trying to do one more thing such as this makes me want to cry, though it would be so neat to do. I've gotta just break it down and maybe pick 1 per month to do a FHE night on or something.
    Your kids are sure blessed to have you for a mom!