Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What You Do With Your Name

Autumn excited about becoming a BIG sister!
We followed lesson #13 in the FHERB at FHE last night.

It was all about taking Christ's name upon ourselves at baptism and honoring that name by the things that we do.  The lesson suggested hiding strips of paper with our names on them throughout the house and sending the kids on a hunt to find both their first and last name.

After they found their names, we discussed how and why each name was chosen.  Then we talked about what our last name means and things we can do to honor our family name.  The kids all know how lucky we are to have the word "Christ" as part of our last name.  It is a constant reminder to each of us to follow in his footsteps.

But at baptism, we take Christ's name upon us by covenant, which is a much more serious and deliberate commitment.  Through baptism, we promise to bring honor to the name of Christ as we serve others, forgive, share, be kind, etc.

After the lesson was over, we brainstormed some possible names for the baby who is coming to our family.  It got pretty silly there near the end!  Then we went out for ice cream, because it just felt like the antidote to a sopping wet day!

Hope you guys had a great time at FHE last night and be sure to check out That Good Part!


  1. how appropriate to look for a name for the new little one-now you need to share some of the silly ones...lol!

  2. I did a whole Christmas Eve program a few years ago about taking Christ's name upon us. I wrote a (longish) short story and poem that went with it. If you're interested, I'll send it to you.


  3. Ha...you so don't want to know! :)