Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Graduate

She's graduated!

Diploma and, look-out world!

I can't believe two years have passed since that fateful day when Scarlett begged me to let her go to school along with her big brother.  I didn't want to send her.  I wanted to keep her home with me for one more year.  I couldn't bear to "lose" two in one year!

Looking back now, I can see how that first year was most formative for her and how she blossomed in this school's faith-filled environment.  Our home has been blessed with a never-ending stream of lyrics coming from our sweet songbird.  That has been my favorite part...Scarlett singing her little heart out!  That is the part that I will hold onto forever. 

Now guess who's eager for her turn!


  1. very cool!  are we gonna see progress of the belly bump?  I live vicariously you know and there are so many cute ideas out there- a number by the belly every week, etc. Come on- show us the baby love!  

  2. Congrats! Scarlett sure looks like you!

  3. how fun, won't be long till it's elementary school then...the future is near!

  4. Your kids have the cutest eyes and smiles ever.