Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Each Can Sing the Sweetest Song

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what we would be doing for FHE last night.  Steve wanted to spread mulch in the back yard together, but it had been raining all day, so I opted to have a quick lesson instead:  enter The Friend magazine!

We read the first story about canaries with gray on their wings in which President Monson teaches that although the world judges us by our outside appearance, the Lord values different qualities and "looks on the heart."  Regardless of the way we are viewed by the world, each of us can "sing the sweetest song" to the Lord by using our talents to love and serve others.


Apparently, I took too long to make copies of the accompanying coloring page, because in the meantime, everyone decided to pretend fall-asleep on the floor and then scare me when I walked into the living room.  It worked...well, it made me laugh anyway.  Goofballs!

The children were pretty invested in coloring and recording (with Steve's help) the ways that they can help others and "sing their sweetest song" for the Lord.  I was happy to see that Autumn (who is three) was so engaged in the lesson.  She was excited to show that she knew the story was going to be about a "bird!!!!" and to say that her contribution to others could be to "kiss...and hug" them.

What can I say?  The girl knows what her strengths are!

Steve and the kids did end up spreading mulch after all...and the children had a BLAST doing it. I'm pretty sure that if that was all we did all evening for FHE, they would have been pretty happy with that.  I however have a mulch and mud-coated floor to rectify today.  C'est la vie!

I am so thankful to have the words of the prophets at my fingertips via The Friend magazine...it makes holding FHE so simple and such a joy!  

The Friend + crayons = FHE

(Oh and throw a little mud in there for good measure!)

PS - Be sure to explore That Good Part's FHE experience from last night.


  1. And autumns hair looks wonderful!

  2. It's been very soft and curly lately.

  3. Tiffany ThomsonTuesday, May 08, 2012

    I love the friend also! I can get my kids to do their chores by promising them a story in the friend afterwards. It is a great tool and a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing your simple and effective inspiration. 

  4. a wealth of ideas are available online for every topic from the church these days...

  5. What a perfect, simple FHE!  Every morning while the kids eat breakfast I try to read a story from the friend, and that is the one we read yesterday morning.  SO simple and yet so profound...I think our little mini morning devotionals are helping me probably more than the kids ;)  Thanks for your wonderful example Jocelyn!!

  6. I seriously wish our FHE looked like this. Our involves screaming. Lots of screaming. She is only three, can't figure out why she hates it so much. 
    Your kids are so silly and fun! Love it!

  7. Well, don't worry, I WAS going to say that I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't one fight that broke out! :)  But we do keep the lessons VERY short!!!  I mainly think about what the kids seem in the mood for that evening...and that's what we do!  I tailor the lesson/activity to their energy level...Does she like to bake with you?  Maybe you could do an FHE where you just bake cookies together and eat them or just do the activities that she is normally not allowed to do...messy stuff, cut with scissors...etc.  Then maybe she'll start to associate FHE not with sitting still, but with doing special things that she can't normally do...things that are reserved for FHE only...might warm her up to FHE after some time doing that sort of thing.  Also talking it up works well for us.  GOOD LUCK! :)  Is she your oldest?  Maybe have FHE with families of older (or more) kids...they can model that FHE is "something even big kids do..."

  8. Mulching for FHE? Most impressive. I'd better not give Diane any ideas...

  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You guys do FHE right!


  10. Reading the beginning of this post sounds so familiar with FHE.  What to do, what to do.  I hope you are well, mama!

  11. ah yes, you know this scene well I"m sure!  Even if we do have a plan, I often change it depending on everyone's mood/energy level!  I am feeling well!!!  yay!  Starting to try and eat better too...starting with today...one day down...six months more or less to go! :)