Sunday, May 6, 2012

What We'd Miss Without Sunday Bliss

Happiness is....a substantial Sunday nap,

waking up to find that hubby has made cookies,

and enjoying bubbles in the back yard with my kids.

Have I mentioned how much we love our back yard?  It is our secret garden, a respite from the world.  

We've got ducks hatching in the front yard, and baby bunnies in the back. 

And every morning our scripture study is often distracted because we are watching the beautiful birds that come to our feeders and nest in our trees.  The hard work of two years has really paid off.

We worked hard in our back yard yesterday, but as I sit here today I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who says that once a week we need to CHILL...and appreciate the work of His hands and realize that there's really not much we can do to improve upon it!


  1. Cool bubble machine!

    Hope you're feeling well, Jocelyn.


  2. Lovely post to read on a Sabbath day; thank you. I am happy you got a nap and then the chocolate cookies. I so hope this year we will be able to get our own yard to be a haven of peace; meanwhile we do have our temple shift on Saturday.
    Blessings to you!

  3. I try and never do homework on Sundays. It is hard when everyone else is studying, but I am always so grateful :)

  4. Beautiful post as I enjoy spending time with my daughter today and my mind rejuvenates on this one day of not studying in the middle of two weeks of exams. The wisdom of our Heavenly Father!

  5. a day of rest and a long nap certainly help...everyone

  6. there goes the garden.

    Oh and is Guy as tall as he looks?

  7.  Love Sunday rest and family time. Lovely post.

  8. Guy looks so big! :)

  9. I know!  Who told him he could grow up!!!?  I'm glad I took a picture or I might not have noticed (or had proof of) how much he's really grown over the last year of Kindergarten!

  10. Beautifully said. :)