Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Star-Spangled Banner

Thanks to the kindness of my friend Camilla (for watching my girls) I had the opportunity to accompany Guy at field day at school on Friday.

During "opening ceremonies" they played the Star-Spangled Banner as they do every Monday morning in school.  We were standing together as teams made up of a mix of ages when the song began.  As it played, I noticed only a few sweet voices ringing out in unison...and they were mostly the younger voices.  I searched for Guy in the crowd and sure enough, he was singing the words to the national anthem along with another little boy from his class.

I was so proud of him.  Among a sea of adults and older kids, it was the youngest children who made the sweetest contribution that morning and knew enough to do so.  

I made my way over to him, knelt by his side and started singing too.

Once again, I was so grateful that Guy got the teacher that he did for Kindergarten this year, because I know that she's the one that taught Guy to sing the National Anthem.

FHE was an all-weekend thing...bike rides to the park, kickball games, cookouts, s'mores, swimming...we had a blast together!  But I think teaching our children to sing the national anthem or to say the pledge of allegiance or to stand when the flag passes by or to thank a serviceman would make for a great FHE activity.  You can check out The Smithsonian website for some educational activities to help kids learn about the Star-Spangled Banner.


  1. I think we all need to attend that class and refresh ourselves. Thanks Guy for your example.

  2. looks like a fun school activity and more fun cause you were able to go!

  3. Stephanie at D-DTuesday, May 29, 2012

    :)  I still get almost weepy every time I see a flag ceremony.  Good job, Guy!

  4. I agree that would be a perfect FHE. I noticed yesterday that my grandkids are not so sterling about understanding how to show their patriotism. I think that used to be taught in school, but now it may be up to parents!


  5. What a very sweet post. It is so awesome that he knew the National Athem. I think everyone needs to rethink how they feel about this great country. I feel very concerned when I attend an event and many of the people do not put their hand over their heart anymore when our flag goes by or our National Athem is sang. It's all so sad. Loved the picture, too.
    Love this one!

  6. I love field day at my kid's school.  Good for Guy (and good for his teacher, too!) for learning and singing the national anthem.  My 14 year old daughter spent Saturday morning putting flags at veterans' graves as part of her history class.  She grumbled a little since she had to get up at 6:30 am on a weekend, but what a sight to see all of those teenagers honoring the servicemen and women that way.  

    We like to have an FHE on Independence Day and sing patriotic songs, etc.

  7. First, I'm very happy to be your newest follower. What a great blog! I agree that it's so important to teach our children patriotism from an early age. When we see servicemen we thank them, and explain why to our son. We proudly salute the flag and thankfully our son's school does a really neat flag ceremony every morning.