Sunday, May 27, 2012

480 Months of Marriage

My parents are celebrating 480 months of marriage today...which to the rest of us translates as 40 years.  My parents celebrate their marriage anniversary on a monthly basis, which was always very confusing for us growing up!  But there has never been any confusion in our minds about how they feel about each's true love!  The forever kind.

I was so fortunate to be raised by two people who love each other 
and who honor each other with complete fidelity!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!



  1. A  monthly anniverary - that's is so sweet. 
    And a wonderful way to remember the most important things in life...
    Congratulations to them.

  2. Wait. Not 17. 16 grands unless one of u two girls are having twins

  3. that's sweet, I was there at their wedding in the Provo temple. We had just returned from Brazil with our three sons and the temple hadn't been opened too long. A glorious occasion!

  4. What a fabulous idea to celebrate monthly! Love it! 20 months to 500! :D

  5. That is so sweet...they look as in love as a newly married couple.  :)