Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Talk of Christ...and so do YOU!

Listen up, friends!

I have an important announcement:

It's "open mic night" at this weekend!

That's right, has created a special new Easter page where YOU can
and interact with people interested in learning more about our faith online.

Step 1:  "Like" the Mormon Facebook Page right now.

Step 2:  Tomorrow, on Good Friday, the official page where this conversation will take place will be announced to the world.  You can check it out now, if you'd like!

Step 3:  Invite your friends to visit this page by sharing it on FB, Twitter, etc.
On this special page of, your friends can download Bible videos, request a free copy of the Bible, and find out more about what Mormons believe.

And You?

You get to help answer their questions by sharing your testimony of Christ 
in a live online conversation.

It's easy.

And you won't be alone.

There will be many of us standing together to talk of Christ, and rejoice in Christ.

Please join us!


  1. Why didn't I read this BEFORE I sent the invitation to my ward to participate. This is so much more succinct and fun than what I wrote. : )

    What a great motivator. I already wrote my testimony. So easy!

  2. Good idea!  I need to make sure  my ward knows about this...

  3. Great idea! I already did it!

  4. Great idea! I will make sure I let everyone know! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.