Sunday, April 1, 2012

Resurrection Rolls Recipe

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This is such an awesome way to talk about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with young children.  Our family started making Resurrection Rolls a few years ago, and every year this activity continues to be a HUGE HIT with my children, as we celebrate the true meaning of Easter!

To make this activity a success, you will need each ingredient listed below and a little childlike imagination!

Here is how you make 


(Each ingredient represents something used to prepare Christ's body for burial.)

refrigerated crescent rolls, separated into triangles (linen)
large marshmallows (Christ's body)
melted butter (anointing oil)
cinnamon & sugar (spices used to prepare the body for burial)
oven (tomb)

As you help your children assemble these rolls, teach them what each item symbolizes.

1.  Dip one marshmallow in the melted butter.  

Teach your children that people who loved Jesus lovingly cared for his body after he died.
They used special anointing oils and expensive spices to prepare his body for burial.  This was customary, but also a way for them to show reverence and love for their friend.

2.  Cover the buttered marshmallow in the spices.

3.  Wrap the marshmallow in the crescent roll (representing the linen used to cover Christ in the tomb.)

4.  Seal all edges, although you might want to allow a small hole (near the top) for marshmallow to evaporate and to create a tomb shape.

5.  Place all of the rolls on a greased pan and cook in a pre-heated oven.

Close "the tomb" tight...and "wait three days"...actually 12-13 minutes!

6.  Cook as instructed on crescent roll package.
(Usually 375 degrees for 13 minutes)

Tip:  I check near the end to make sure all of the marshmallow has evaporated before calling the children to check on "the third day." (You may need to wipe up excess mallow with a paper towel if it hasn't cooked off all the way.)

When the rolls are finished cooking, they should look like this.

The marshmallow has disappeared and the roll resembles an empty tomb.

The first time we did this, my son exclaimed 
"OH!  Jesus is gone!  He raised himself from the tomb!"

This is a fun and tasty way for children to learn more about the good news of Easter:

That "He is Risen!" and because Christ was resurrected, we will be too!

Click here to access a list of 30 more easy-to-do

Happy Palm Sunday and HAPPY EASTER, everyone!

PS - Don't forget to tune into KSL's Mormon Times to watch the segment they did with me about our Christ-centered Easter traditions.  The show airs at 4pm (MST) on KSL today right after General Conference.  So set your DVRs so you don't forget!  

And welcome to my new readers from KSL!!  
Kick back, have a seat, and make yourself at home!


  1. I've made these for several years, too. I found that using half a marshmallow, rather than a whole one, resulted in a more hollow tomb at the end. It's one of our favorite Easter activities. Thanks for reminding me . . . I bought the things for it yesterday!

  2. This is such a fun idea! I think I'll try it this Easter, since we'll be visiting family with lots of little kids. Thanks for always sharing your creativity!

  3. We saw you!!  Yay!  You did a good job.  Thank you for your wonderful blog and example!  I, too, will miss Sister Beck. 

  4. ha ha, oh man, you're making me nervous all over again!  I'm glad you saw it!  I guess I'll wait to see it when it goes online!

  5. Loved seeing you on TV! My kids would love this fun activity. Thanks for all the ideas.

  6. I saw you on TV today after Christmas. I was like, "Hey, I "know" her!" Hope you enjoyed conference. So cool to see how far your blog is reaching!!!

  7. congrats you are now famous-now we just need sugar free!

  8. Saw you on Mormon Times- you did great, I knew you would.  I wish I knew all of those wonderful things when my kids were younger.  I always hated the whole "Easter bunny" thing, so their Easter baskets were full of church stuff like the Book of Mormon play characters, CTR rings, cds etc.  Thank you for all of your wonderful ides- like I told you before I truly feel blessed to of found your blog. 

  9. We just did this tonight for an extended family FHE and my nieces LOVED it! My son didn't really get it, and he didn't want to eat it... but the older kids enjoyed it and we all thought they were tasty! I didn't read the directions very carefully, so our marshmallows leaked out and puffed up a TON, so Christ was first "risen" before the tomb was empty... :)

  10. We made your resurrection rolls last year, this year, our activity reminded me of them:

  11. I've mentioned before that we did the Easter Bunny back on the Spring Equinox. It's funny when I tell people what my kids "got for Easter" because then I have to explain why they got their "Easter" stuff already... 

    Anyway, I was actually commenting to let you know that apparently your blog button is exceeding bandwidth limitations for photobucket. Didn't know if you'd noticed :D

    Somebody's popular! ;) I don't think that's a bad thing :D

    1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of celebrating the Easter bunny stuff on spring equinox!

    2. I absolutely LOVE the idea of celebrating the Easter bunny stuff on spring equinox!

    3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of celebrating the Easter bunny stuff on spring equinox!

  12. Your interview was great.  I particularly liked your explanation for why you started teaching your children so deliberately.  My 17 year old daughter floored me this year when she asked why, as Latter-day Saints, we celebrate Easter with the rest of the Christian world when we celebrate the Atonement every Sunday through the sacrament.  Although it's a question I had never even considered, (like you I thought the reason for Easter was kind of obvious), I was proud of her for asking it, and it led to a wonderful discussion on the importance of remembering our Savior daily.

  13. We made these last night for FHE. Thanks for the idea! I used some extra home made pizza dough and it worked just fine.

  14. You should read "Easter Every Sunday"...a guest post on my blog.  It talks about that same thing.  We truly do celebrate Easter every Sunday in our religion!  It's a beautiful thing!

  15. Thanks for letting me know!  That button was hosted on my friend's photobucket because she created it...not sure I can fix that, but I put up a new one...oh well!

  16. That was really creative and fun!  Great job!

  17. Someone suggested to me that they use half a mallow...although that sort of deviates from analogy that Christ was unblemished!  But she said it worked better!

  18. Thanks for the link!