Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Questions Answered

President Uchtdorf by Scarlett
Last night, we pulled out the list of questions that we wrote down last week at FHE that we hoped to have answered during General Conference.  And guess what?  ALL of our questions were answered resoundingly, effectively, and clearly.

Here were our questions and some of the speakers who provided powerful answers to our queries:

1.  How can I have a happy family?  (Answered best by President Uchtdorf's talk, Elder Holland's talk, President Packer's talk, and about 10 others!)

2.  How can I be a better daddy? Husband?  (Steve mentioned Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood session on disciplining the Lord's way.)

3.  How many prophets are there?  (Guy's question was answered by Elder Christofferson's talk where he mentioned that the 12 apostles are all called to be "seers, prophets, and revelators," subject only to the Prophet who leads the church.  So by reason of deduction, the answer is 15.)

4.  Will the prophet go to my birthday party? (Scarlett's question was sort of answered when she realized that the Prophet travels around the world a lot to dedicate temples and oversee the work.  He's probably too busy to come to her birthday party...but he's not too busy to bless those who need his love.  He even kept a helium mylar balloon that said "You're the Best" for three years and returned it to the cancer-stricken girl who had given it to him when she had recovered.  He might not be able to go to birthday parties, but President Monson is never too busy to minister to "the one".)

5.  I will give him a hug.  (This was Autumn's contribution to our list of questions and we're sure he'd gladly give a hug back to her!)

Our family definitely enjoyed seeing proof that the Lord truly cares about and answers our questions through his living prophets as we took time to review General Conference last night at family home evening.

What questions did you have answered at General Conference this weekend?

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  1. fun questions and answers. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's advice to Stop IT when there are bad feelings between you and others. Great talks for everyone-no matter your age...

  2. All my most pressing questions were answered, along with a few I didn't even realize I had!


  3. Super cute!  I love your daughter's question "will the prophet will come to my birthday party?" So sweet and touching to see how the little children interpret the gospel into their personal lives.  They see the prophets as real people who care about them in a real way.  What is more important to a child than their birthday party?  : ) 

  4. I love your blog!!! The overall message I received from conference is NOW is the time! NOW is the time to study your scriptures, strengthen your family, forgive others, forgive yourself, be a better person, build a better life, etc. Again, I love your blog and I invite you to check mine out! =)

    Have a great great week! 

  5. I love Scarlett's question "will the prophet come to my birthday party?" So sincere. He is a very busy man but very loving and makes everyone feel special. He won't be at her party, but you can all remember him and do a service for him. Also, his birthday is August 21, you can throw a party in his honor...get some balloons, make a cake, and do some service, because that is what he loves. Service!

  6. You are such an awesome mother. I loved the list of the talks that answered the family questions. I always look for a general theme and I think topics on families were number one.

  7. It's so great that from such a young age they are blessed to see how General Conference can bless them and provide answers to their questions!

  8. Interestingly, my answer to my questions was "sorry, sister, it's not that easy this time. You've got to earn it. You've been slacking too long on your scripture study and prayers. You will get your answers as you study these talks AFTER conference." 

  9. ha ha, well, better luck next time right?  j/k  The good thing is that you recognize this as AN ANSWER...not a non-answer, but a keep working and you WILL receive the answers....in the Lord's way!  Let me know how that goes!