Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are You Staying for Dinner?

Yesterday was our last day of Spring Break, so it was like FHE all day yesterday.

We took off and left town for a change of scenery.  We visited a military museum, painted our own pottery, grabbed lunch, people-watched, movie-watched, then came home.

When we got home, Steve still was not home from work.  He often has to work late on Mondays, BUT I know that he makes a special effort to be here.

Last night, he had a conference to attend, and when the president of the hospital that he works for walked up to him after the conference and asked, "Are you staying for dinner?"
Steve said, "No, I have to get going or I won't get to see my kids today."

When Steve did make it home, he listened to an excited but jarbled up explanation from the kids of what we actually did during the day without him.  I went upstairs for something and when I came down, I found Steve looking out the window.  He was looking on adoringly as his kids bounced gleefully together on the trampoline, inventing silly games and making each other laugh.  (He would have been out there with them, but he didn't have time to change out of his suit.)  Steve looked so happy to be able to spend even just a few moments with his kids before bed.  And seeing him  happy made me happy.

And that's what it's all about, folks!

Not a typical FHE, but just enough to teach a lesson to my kids:  Dad loves you.

Just wanted to share this too.  Scarlett made this picture on Easter morning of Jesus on the cross, and in her signature style, she wrote "I.L.U." (I love you.) at the top.  She handed her paper towel creation to Steve and asked him to hold it for her and he showed it to me.  We were both touched by her wordless testimony.  

We know that he loves us because he showed us.

We know that Steve loves us because he shows us.

How will you show your love for others today?

(Thanks to Meredith for showing me a few photo tricks!)
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  1. What a sweet daddy...it is nice to be reminded that family comes first.  I am sure that this will leave a lasting impression not only with the kids, but on the gentlemen at work who asked if he was staying for dinner.  I imagine that your husband is well respected for his principles and beliefs.  
    Sounds like you had a quality day with the kids as well...what a great family day!  

  2. How cool is that? She is a little artist already.


  3. So so sweet!  I need to ask myself that every day, thanks for sharing that thought!

  4. I love this post...mostly because I love that we can find a place on the internet where Family Home Evening is just that - it is time with family.  It isn't about cutesy stuff or whatever we have in our minds what it should be. I think that it is good that you are putting this out so that people know that FHE is supposed to be flexible.  Just do it!  

    Also...really cute - it is amazing to see the tender love that children have for the Savior.

  5. I'm interacting 24/7 today with my family....

  6. My husband is out of the country off and on for the summer, and my good friend whose husband is also out of the country is staying with us with her two kids, and she works Monday afternoon/evenings (I watch all four kids - my two, and her two) so we have FHE on Tuesday night. Tonight was the first night of soccer practice and the whether has been warming up and we put together a new trampoline and the kids bounced on it all day, and by the time we had finished dinner and bathed all the kids our FHE was a song (Nephi's Courage) and a scripture story from the Gospel Art Kit (the Crucifixion, chosen by my 5 year old) read to hyper/cranky kids. Then family prayer with kids flopping all over... 

    I just had to remind myself of Elder Bednar's talk a while ago about how their FHE's are punctuated by exclamations of "He's touching me!" and "He's breathing my air!" If Elder Bednar's FHE's are chaotic with teenage boys, then certainly our attempts at FHE with four kids 5 and under are worth it. Even if we have more smacking and screaming than reverence some days. We're consistent, and that's what counts, right?