Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Didn't Vote for Mitt Romney

Guy did.

Happy Voting today to Primary voters in 
New York, 
and Rhode Island!  

And thank you to NPR for reminding me to vote today!

I would have remembered sooner or later, but since I heard it early in the morning I was able to take my kids before school.  They love being involved the voting process!  (And getting to wear the "I voted today!" sticker!)  

Now go get your own!

PS - For those who still do not get my joke...
Yes, I did vote for Mitt Romney...but my kids cast the ballot.


  1. What a great way to involve your kids in the civic process.  There's something magical about those stickers for kids. :)

  2. Jocelyn ChristensenTuesday, April 24, 2012

    Rozann!  Guy pressed the button for me.  So actually I did...gotta read the post, girlfriend!

  3. I love how Rick Santorum is still on the ballot! My kids enjoyed the voting too, at our primary a while ago :)

  4. We have a couple in our ward who just came from Canada. I asked her what the biggest difference between the US and Canada was and she said that we are way more involved in politics than they are. She doesn't even know who is running the country! Honestly I'm kind of jealous. It'd be so nice to not have to care or worry.

  5. Very Funny Jocelyn.  I'm glad someone I know voted.  NY lost my registration, so I'm unable to vote today and I feel so helpless. What a privilege it is to vote!

  6. Jocelyn ChristensenTuesday, April 24, 2012

    Oh, well, then consider my vote...on your behalf! :)

  7. I look forward to voting for him as well, when our primary comes.


  8. As LDS outside the states, I'm interested if church members are voting because he is a Mormon or because of the policies he brings ?

  9.  While I like the fact he is LDS, I would not vote for him unless I agreed with what he says.  Since I do agree with him more than I agree with the others, I am happy to vote for him.

  10. My husband and I went to vote in NY today, around 2PM.   I was shocked when the women working at the polls told us that we were the first voters of the day at our location.  I am guessing it is due to a few reasons: 1) we live in an area that is predominately Democrat so there are fewer people to vote today, 2) it is predicted that Mitt Romney will win NY by a landslide anyway, so people figure it is pointless to vote, 3) with Santorum leaving the race, it looks like Romney will be getting the Republican nomination anyway, so they figure it is pointless to vote, and 4) they just haven't made it to the polls yet.  I am hoping that it is mostly due to reasons 1 and 4, because voting is truly a wonderful privilege and duty that we all have. 

  11. Great to get the kids involved and excited about the voting at a young age. It's a very important right that many fought and lost their lives for and we shouldn't take it for granted.

  12. Living in a country where you have to vote (or you're fined!), it's odd to hear than so many people don't vote in USA.  We're watching the ballots being counted at the moment, online.  I think the people have spoken!

  13. good example...