Monday, April 9, 2012

A Bridge to You

My friend Cherry sent me these lovely stationery photo cards in the mail.  She took the pictures herself of bridges that she sees every day in her home city of Brooklyn, NY.  Each photo is more beautiful than the last.  Cherry wrote that seeing bridges makes her happy.  They make me happy too.

Bridges are magical.  Cherry doesn't know this, but just yesterday I was thinking about the bridge that we crossed every Sunday to get to church while I was growing up.  I was missing that bridge a lot yesterday.

Bridges are quite amazing, if you think about it.  They transport you into a different world.  They help you cross an unpassable challenge.  Bridges are a display of strength and skill and know-how and co-operation.

But bridges are only effective if we use them.  I think about personal bridges that I've been trying to build for a long time now, and I've realized how much more difficult they are to construct than actual physical bridges.  

Through his Atonement, the Savior Jesus Christ provided us with the ultimate bridge that can help us cross the many varied treacherous waters of mortality, but we must act in faith.  We must step out onto his bridge and learn for ourselves if his pathway leads to solid ground...and to safety...and to peace.  And I believe that it does.

Thank you to Cherry for thinking of me and reaching out a bridge of friendship.  I always appreciate it!

PS - Thanks to all who entered to win the temple print giveaway from LDS Temple Art.  I appreciated reading all of your wonderful testimonies.  (You might want to read them too!)

The winner (chosen randomly by Steve) is:  Comment #43

Joliene D.


Joliene - Please email me to claim your prize and let me know which print you'd like!


  1. such beauty...NY is beautiful... I left Brooklyn at the age of nine years old, I then moved back to Puerto Rico and then to Ohio after I was married...NY is a very interesting place to live and visit...she gave you a very unique and beautiful gift. Something I would appreciate and I am sure you do too.

  2. how true about bridges...we are that to our posterity be they children or grand children...

  3. Love those postcards.
    And I am particularly fond of bridge analogies.