Monday, March 26, 2012

Living Prophets & The Book of Mormon Link-up

Yesterday, I was asked to give a report  in my ward about my experience giving away 30 copies of The Book of Mormon in 30 days last October.  We were getting revved up during our review of our ward mission plan.

Earlier last week, I was given the words that I should share while during my regular scripture study.  In Doctrine and Covenants Section 33, we read three important words about missionary work that the Lord repeats three times in the same chapter.

"Open your mouths..."
"Open your mouths..."
"Open your mouths..."

There are promises linked to that command...and the Lord also give us clues about where the power to do this will come from:  studying the Book of Mormon, which will give us "the power of the Spirit" that quickeneth all things.  It is the book that has been brought forth to gather the Lord's elect in from the four corners of the earth.  We are also instructed to "be faithful, praying always, having [the lamps of your testimony] trimmed and burning, and oil with you, that you may be ready at the coming of the Bridegroom--[who is Jesus Christ]."

I've been thinking about a few things lately, as the voices of the world have gotten louder, annoyingly so, in the ear of my conscious self.  A few weeks ago, I was reading so much negative stuff online about the church that it was starting to wear on me.  I found it fairly paralyzing.  I found that the negative and dark feelings I felt after reading that stuff was causing me to slow down, and I did not like that one bit.

I found myself craving to hear more of the words of our living prophets.  I desperately wanted to hear what they have to say about all of this.  I feel like they have been warning us about this for some time now, so I should have been prepared.  But it still is not exactly easy.

HOWEVER, when we keep our eyes focused on the Savior, our hearts set on our personal mission here on earth, and our ears tuned to the words of his chosen prophets, it is easier to not get tripped up by the sideshows of our modern day.  

My buddy, MMM says it really well in his post "Famacide: It's all the Rage."  I encourage you to read it and let his advice settle into your mind.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we stand by The Book of Mormon.  We follow the advice of living Prophets.  We rejoice in modern revelation.  And we look forward to the day when the Savior, Jesus Christ, will return to the earth.  At that day, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ.  

Until then, we will walk by faith, we will open our mouths, we will follow the living prophets.


For anyone reading this who is curious about what our church's leaders teach, you can tune in and listen to our General Conference of the church this Saturday and Sunday either online or on BYU-TV.  You can also see what people are saying during General Conference on Twitter at #LDSConf or #TwitterStake.

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  1. Thanks for the insights. Power in the words of prophets via God!