Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantasy General Conference

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Yesterday, my SIL Emmalee emailed us "brackets" for a Fantasy General Conference game.  She created the game herself and she has given me permission to share her idea with you.

You can download it here:  Fantasy General Conference Bracket

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Emmalee has made these for her students in the past and this year, she's sharing the "contest" with her family.  Love her for that!  She going to send the top three winners prizes in the mail!!  Isn't she sweet!  BUT, we have to get our answers to her before the first session of General this is also me being lazy, because my house is still a mess and I've got lots to do before Conference starts!!

So, Emmalee:  Here are my guesses!!

Love you very much!

You still have time to print this bad boy out and play along with your older kids!

Enjoy the day my friends!

(You can watch General Conference here!)


  1. This is so great!  I love it!

  2. It's here...have fun listening!

  3. Wow. Now that General Conference is over.
    This is a great post to follow up with on General Conference.
    I am going to include this on my blog.
    Thanks Nick

  4. I saw this (on pinterst of course) and totally wanted to this for my Seminary Class this for April Conference,but I'm having a really, Really hard time downloading this. Is there anyway that I could have it emailed to me? (

    Betty JO

  5. I think I can get my 10 and 13 year olds to do this one. Thanks!