Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Appreciating Autumn FHE


It was Autumn's turn to be in the spotlight at FHE last night.

She enjoyed every minute of it!

We asked her questions and told her what we like about her:

"that she likes to smile, giggle, tickle, and snuggle."


After an extremely healthy dinner of pizza and candy, we played Find the Turtle:


The turtle is one of those secret key hiding thingies...usually there's candy inside.

Steve wasn't able to join us.  He had a work dinner to attend.

Next, we played Pictionary on our newly acquired (dumpster-dive!) dry-erase board using the cues in the Family Proclamation Trivial Pursuit game: (since Autumn loves to draw!)


Later, we were joined by two neighbor-kids.  I just couldn't turn them away.


Hey, check out our little seeds from two weeks ago..

Faith is a powerful thing.  So is sunshine and water...
and consistently holding Family Home Evening...and telling each other "I love you," with our words and our time.

Thanks for reading...now check out That Good Part's FHE experience...


  1. Love this. How sweet!

  2. I love that your FHE is simple and perfect for your family. Not an over-priced laminated file folder game with scrapbooked book marks and ribbons and magnents and loads of other junk. That the hours you could have spent making it pretty and printable and crafty were spent actually being together with your family. I wish more women understood that it is about the time together, not the showy stuff. Thank you for some realistic inspiration!  

  3. consistency is holding FHE is so important....good for you!

  4. Looks like fun! 

  5. What a FHE blast! We really do love how you spotlight the kids and have them hear from their family members what they love about them. And your dumpster diving skills are bomb girl!

  6. Yep, it's not always easy to keep those FHEs going, but it is definitely worth the effort!


  7. Fabulous idea of spotlighting one of your kids during FHE! Totally gonna steal this idea. My kids would love it!

  8. yay!!!!!! for Autum...love you.

  9. What precious children you have. The pictures were priceless of course. I love how you work with your little ones. FHE is so important and this looked like a very sweet one. Love it all!