Friday, March 2, 2012

Kindness Matters

The kids and I went to a rally this evening in support of our friends in the local Jewish community.  Someone vandalized a car outside of their synagogue with an anti-Semitic message earlier this week.  The rally was held to send a message of peace, and I think that the Rabbi did a great job of that.

As I posted on my FB page earlier this week, our prophet Thomas S. Monson has reminded members of the church to "show kindness and respect for all people everywhere."  He has taught that, "The world in which we live is filled with diversity. We can and should demonstrate respect toward those whose beliefs differ from ours."

My dear friend Edye has gone out of her way to show kindness and respect toward us since she moved in to our neighborhood last summer.  And I have been touched by her thoughtfulness.  It was an honor to stand with my friend tonight who has been such an example of kindness to me!  


  1. How horrible for them. Thank you for standing with them and tell them we are praying!

  2. I am sorry to hear about this situation.  I truly can not understand how people can be so cruel.  I will remember your friends and their church in my prayers.  
    I love how you take your kids to support people in the community.  What a terrific example you are setting for them.  I can see in their faces how utterly happy they comes from loving parents and a home where the spirit is close and they can feel their Saviors love.

  3. cool, community awareness building for your family...

  4. You have taught me so much Jocelyn. Your family s a wonderful example to mine of living your religion. I am glad to call you friend and look forward to many happy times together in the 'hood.

  5. How wonderful, going out of you way to help out those in your community!  Just think about the example you are leaving for your kiddos and anyone else who is watching.  This makes me very happy.  :)