Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Art, Mommy!


Yesterday, Scarlett was mad at me, because I told her she couldn't hang out in the car by herself flossing her teeth.  She called me "junk" and refused to leave the garage.

After a while I went to check on her.  She had drawn this lovely picture. "I. L. U." = "I love you."  So sweet. If only she hadn't drawn it on the garage wall.


(Never mind that I just garbage-picked this huge dry-erase board for them to draw on earlier in the day!)

Oh well, maybe she'll take after my sisters and become a talented artist!  She's already "displaying" great talent, if you ask me. :)

Here is how my sister Marissa recently painted her son's nursery:


It's only a matter of time, Scarlett.

Anyway, we've been enjoying a week of sunny days in the upper 70's, so I haven't felt like sitting at my laptop to blog.  Now it's raining, and I'm feeling sickish, but I'll be back on Monday with a General Conference reverence tactic that helped us last year.

Until then, have a great weekend and a Happy St. Patty's Day


  1. WOW! That nursery is amazing!!!!!! Your daughter looks like she is well on her way to becoming a talented artist!!

  2. well at least she felt bad about calling you junk!

  3. Ha ha, Edye!  I made the mistake of telling her that a dress she wanted at the store was "junky" and not worth the money...and it hurt her feelings.  She didn't understand I was commenting on the quality of the material...not on her tastes! ;)  So ever since, if she wants to "get" me, she calls something "junk" or junky! :)

  4. Leave it there and you'll have a memory and a story for years to come... unless you move, in which case the new tenants will probably still appreciate it. :)

    LOVE that nursery. I'm not talented or brave enough to paint anything like that! I'm glad Scarlett is developing her talents so that someday she can paint for the artistically challenged like me :)

  5. Still chuckling about her choice of epithets. 


  6. get well soon...children are amazing-always some new behavior to deal with...

  7. Have a wonderful weekend. I loved your daughter's drawings. I think you do have an artist there. Have fun cleaning the garage wall.

  8. At least it wasn't in the house.  When my oldest was two, he made a giant sail boat with a crayon while I was in the bathroom.  Since my husband and I can't paint we had to have the wall repainted.

  9. Actually, she struck again this her bedroom.  We actually painted our whole house ourselves, so we'll just paint over it.  Steve said he'd have her redo the paint-job herself, but I told, she'd see it as a reward!!! :)