Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Listening to the Voice of the Prophets FHE

Playing "Ink-a-Bink-a-bottle-of-ink"

We talked about listening and following the living prophets last night at FHE.

The children were asked to identify the sound of three mystery voices.

They were:

President Uchtdorf
President Monson
President Eyring

They correctly guessed them all and were so proud of themselves!
(I saw this idea on Sugardoodle's General Conference page, under "Object Lesson".)

This proved that at their young age, they know and can recognize the voice of living prophets, so we expressed to them the importance of listening to and following their counsel, even if people around them are not...even if their own friends or family members do things that are contrary to the prophet's instruction...they must always follow the prophet (and Jesus Christ/the Holy Ghost.)

Then I mentioned that General Conference is this weekend and asked them, "If the prophet was really coming to our home this weekend, what should we do to get ready?"  They said, "Clean the house, prepare yummy food."  Then I asked them, "If the prophet was here with us now, what would you ask him?"  Scarlett came up with the funniest answer.  She said, "Will you come to my birthday party?  There will be cake and ice cream, and if there is a star under your plate, you get a prize!"

We thought about our questions and wrote a list of questions we hoped would be answered during General Conference this weekend:

Can you guess who wrote which question?

We will be praying that we can find answers to our questions this weekend during General Conference.

All through Family Home Evening, Guy was writing on post-it notes and placing them throughout the house.  Since we had FHE really late last night, we didn't discover what he was doing until the morning.

He had created a little game by writing down 20 things that he loves and hiding them throughout the house.  So we ran around looking for them before breakfast this morning.  It was a sweet journey through the heart and mind of Guy:

I love the universe. I love "dralling picshrs"  I love the book of "moomin".

After a sad and difficult day yesterday, Guy's notes of love were a bright ray of sunshine for me...and an example to focus on loving words, instead of unkind ones.  I am thankful that my Home is Heaven on Earth...a refuge from any storm.

PS - Be sure to check out That Good Part's FHE today...she has put together an 


  1. I love the notes! My "guy" ;) is a pre-writer and I can't wait for him to start writing things like this. I already love all the things he says - can't wait for him to write the best stuff, too! :D 

    Also - I LOVE the idea of doing the mystery voices! My kids can recognize the pictures, but I don't know about the voice. I am excited to try it out tonight at FHE!

  2. Great FHE. Keep teaching them so they can become great missionaries in life...good job. hugs.

  3. how sweet, love his creative spelling...lol!

  4. hey, I watched that video deal from MMM...very clever.

  5. Thank you for your blog!!! I've got four littles at home and need all the borrowed inspiration I can find! I've been mulling over our Easter and GC traditions with your archives and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you share!!!

  6. Jocelyn, you are such an inspiration to me. I always love your posts. I will send the link to this one to my children. I also loved the questions for conference and especially the love notes. Have a wonderul conference weekend.

  7. Thanks so much, Tracie!  I appreciate your comment...keeps me going!!!

  8. His little love note game just made my day.  What a sweetheart!

  9. That was a fun activity!  They suggest doing it with teens and using other popular voices...but this worked for my babies too!

  10. Jocelyn, you are truly wonderful!  You inspire so many people, and have such vision.  Many people will misjudge us; even Christ was misjudged and a "man of sorrows."  But there are "tender mercies," often in the actions of the least of us, our children.  I love Guys little notes!  It reminds me of something my children would come up with. Oh, they are so precious, and when life is hard, they are often like a glimpse into heaven, a breath of what life will be like after this hard life.  We just have to do our best and hold on to that promise. <3

  11. I've been doing a lot of preparation to keep my girls BUSY during Conference so we adults can watch, but I love these questions to ask them in advance so we can all be ready to receive inspiration! Thanks so much!

  12. Meredith StankiewiczThursday, March 29, 2012

    Thank you for these inspired ideas! Your blog has become my main source of spiritual nourishment ideas for my family. The mystery voices game is a keeper.

  13. Thank you so much for saying so, Meredith!  I hear that I missed you when you were in town last week!  Bummer!  The one time that I had to cancel GCBC!!

  14. We did the mystery voice game last night for FHE and talked a little about General conference this weekend.  It was great- I loved it :)