Thursday, December 8, 2011

When to Say Yes and When to Say No

I set a few goals for myself this year.  Most of them didn't last too far past February, but one in particular, I am happy to say stuck with me.  I set a goal to learn more about the Holy Ghost, and I definitely have.  I specifically wanted to learn how the Holy Ghost works, who he is, and how to follow his promptings.

I started my quest by studying scriptures about him and writing my thoughts down in a small journal.  I also wrote down things that people said about the Holy Ghost in talks on Sunday.  After a while, I abandoned that method, but the Spirit continued to tutor me anyhow in many hands-on ways.  A year later, I can say that I have accomplished this ONE goal of mine.  Although I am far from finished learning how the Holy Ghost works, I am definitely much further along than I was a year ago.

One thing that I've noticed over the last little while is that he no longer has to "shout" to get my attention.  His voice is so quiet, but that keeps me in a quiet mode, a more humble mode, so that I can more clearly comprehend my next step.

Yesterday, I was talking about saying "no" to unnecessary things.  I took some of my own advice and gave a big old no to someone who wanted to drop by and see me the next day.  No just seemed like the right answer for me at that time.  Then later that evening, another person asked me if I had any time the next day.  The question "Do you have any time tomorrow?"  I sat in my car and contemplated.  I gave her the truth, "No I do not have ANY time all... but what do you need, and let me see what I can do?"  Her answer:  She just wanted to talk.  

Hmmmmm, I thought:  I'm either in trouble or she needs my help.  Upon taking a second look through spiritual eyes, I could tell that she just needed to talk to a friend.   So I said yes, I absolutely have time for that.

And I knew in that moment that I had said No at the right time and Yes at the right time.

Many people want there to be one right answer to every situation.  They want to be told what is up and what is down, and if religion cannot answer their problems in that way, or answer every question they might have straight up, then it must all be wrong.  But I have found that each situation is different, even from hour to hour.  What is a no answer at four o'clock can suddenly turn into a yes at seven.

That is why listening to the Spirit is so key to helping us to become more highly developed human beings.  It helps us to become people who do not need to be instructed in all things, but who can govern ourselves in all things instead.  Being in tune with the Holy Spirit allows us to also be more in tune with the needs of our fellow man.  And when we are in tune with the needs of others, the Spirit doesn't have to work so hard to teach us what we should do in every situation...We will just know.

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  1. I love this post. It is a beautiful reminder that answers are different. And when you are serving someone, the Lord will truly make up the rest. A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. how true but sometimes you need to turn off the loud negative voices before the quiet voice of the Spirit can be heard...

  3. So true, Jocelyn. And one of the things I never say no to is when someone really needs to talk to me. That is always my priority in instances where a person has specifically sought me out (through inspiration) to be his or her listener. And the Holy Ghost always confirms whether that is the case.


  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony on how the Holy Ghost works. It's so amazing how he can instruct us if we're just willing to listen.

  5. I love this idea. I too want to be better at recognizing when the Holy Ghost speaks to me and to not be afraid to act on it.

  6. I love this subject: the holy ghost. Nothing, to me, is more important or powerful than when the spirit is speaking..and like you, I am constantly trying to fine tune that listening to the spirit thing. Thanks for the insights.

  7. Congratulations on learning from the Holy Ghost to be a better instrument.