Monday, December 19, 2011

The Elves are Busy...

The elves at our house have been very I'm sure they've been busy at your house too.  Papa Elf (Steve) just finished making a new bed for Guy.  We recently rearranged sleeping quarters, and Guy ended up with the short straw, so he needed a new bed!  Steve put a lot of love into making that bed for Guy.  I am so glad I married such a handy and thoughtful man.

Guy dyed some beautiful silk scarves with kool-aid for the girls' Christmas gifts.  (Thanks to my friend Jenn for showing us how!)  It was fun and easy!

Autumn made some chocolates for her siblings.  I am sewing nightgowns.  Scarlett is getting ready for her preschool Christmas pageant.  She is going to be an angel and gets to say "Fear not!  Go to the town of Bethlehem!!"  (*Correction from Scarlett...She is "the Head Angel"...the angel Gabriel...the only angel with a name!  A star is born...)

I still have an art apron, a cooking apron, and a puppet show curtain to sew.  How many days until Christmas?


  1. And what cute little elves they are too.

    I'm actually feeling a little glad I don't know how to sew right now. LOL!

  2. I like that you raise and train them to make and not necessarily buy gifts for each other. That is actually priceless and i love it--it touched my heart.

    meanwhile, you Mommy Claus has a lot of things to do so Good Luck but i am very sure you don't feel tired because you like what you do!! Good job Mommy Claus!! Way to go!!

  3. And Oh thanks for all those cute ideas, i like the puppet show curtain!! I want to make one for the Nursery!!

  4. What a cute bed! I hope you get everything done without to much stress.

  5. at least you're keeping busy and out of!

  6. Oh, that brought back a memory that maybe I should have forgot. I so remember being busy like you.
    Blessings to you and take the time for sure to enjoy the precious moments of the Christmas Season.

  7. Did you read the Christmas story I posted last year about a little angel? If not, you might want to check it out. I think your kids might like to hear it, now that they have angel experience!


    the angel story

  8. Sounds a lot like my house right now. My sewing machine is getting a workout and I have yet to wrap a single thing. Busy, busy...but our gifts will be filled with lots of love. :)