Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Head Angel

How am I feeling today?


I am proud of my Scarlett who performed beautifully as the Angel Gabriel in her preschool Christmas pageant!

From her pedestal she said loud, clear, and enthusiastically:

"Don't be afraid...Go to the town of Bethlehem!"

Scarlett played head angel very well, and I was surprised to see that she had the only speaking part in the program, aside from Pastor Gregory who did the narration.  

Her teachers told me that they pulled names out of a hat to decide parts, and when they pulled Scarlett's name to play Gabriel, they said, "We know she can do it!!"  They practiced with her a lot, but never had any doubt that she would perform the part well.

I am so happy for Scarlett!

I know that it will be a special childhood memory for her...
as it was a special memory for me as her mother.

I only wish my camera was in video mode when she delivered her line.

No matter...I'm still proud as proud could be of my little girl...who is not so little anymore!

PS - Thank goodness my friend Kimberly got this video!


  1. She is such a beautiful girl! What a fun family day!

  2. she is the perfect head angel. she looks great.

  3. Oh yes she is. She is a sweet little girl. A perfect little angel!

  4. She looks like an angel! Congrats Scarlett and mom. :)

  5. i promise you, she will always be little. it just goes with mothering

  6. She is perfectly cast, because she looks like an angel herself! A happy, energetic one that is full of love. She will be perfect.


    PS. I think she might like it very much if you would read my story to her..."In the Spirit of Christmas"...about another little girl who was going to be Gabriel in the Christmas play. (There's a link in the Christmas Eve story I put up today for this angel one that I posted last year.)