Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being Excellent.

Dear Guy of the Future:

What more magic words could a kid receive from his kindergarten teacher?

I ask you.

You have received "Dragon Stars" for making good decisions, saying thank you, having a great day, being quiet in the hall, being helpful, and doing a great job cleaning up.

But on 12/5/11, Guy, you received a Dragon Star for "being excellent!"  :)

I am proud of and every day.

Party on, oh, excellent one!!


  1. Good for Guy! You must be busting with pride. :)

  2. oh to be "an excellent one." wouldn't it be nice to say that about yourself or others EVERY DAY, knowing that truly I or them were excellent?

  3. Thanks for the movie flashback. Happy for Guy! He must have been bursting to tell his #1 Mom and Dad!