Friday, December 9, 2011

Come and GET IT!

Today:  A few items of business...

First of all:  Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law Christie!

Second:  I am so happy to have completed a special writing assignment that was sort of stressing me out this week.  I am so excited about this.  You don't even know.

When I wrote my Christmas Chill Pill post earlier this week, I was not stressed about Christmas so much as I was about having a very quick turn-around deadline to meet, right in the middle of Christmas...and I wanted it to be great!  I turned it in early, so I could move on to the many other jobs I've got to complete in the next seven days...including making the 20 gingerbread houses that you see pictured above.  (No I didn't do it alone!)  Now lets just keep our fingers crossed that they like what I wrote.

And third, I really hate to end the beautiful discussion that is going on in the comment section of yesterday's post about being believing, but I did say I'd announce the WINNERS today, so here we go.

Thanks to all of you who shared and commented this week.

I thought it would be fun to do a bunch of giveaways this week as a thank you to for reading and commenting all year long and to give exposure to some shops that I really love.  Thanks to each one of you!  I appreciate the support that you give me here on my blog and the testimonies that you share.

If you were selected to win one of the prizes below, please email me your name and address at If you didn't win...Well, there's always next week...  :)

Believe Blocks  with Nativity In Red and Gold on Wood Blocks

Believe Block Set from 4 All Seasons

Winner:  sarahkat (comment #11 of 61!!) said... 11

I believe that the Lord will take care of me, my family, and our problems--
even when it seems like our trials have no end.

Nativity Christmas Pop-Up Card

Set of three Pop-up Christmas Cards from Peaden Scott Designs

Winner:  jeanine (comment #15) said... 15

Wonderful advice! I would love to win! Rebecca was my roommate at BYU!

Primitive Nativity Scene

Primitive Holy Family from Kennakee

Winner: amber-girl (comment #21) said... 21

Google Friend Connect.....check!!!!!

Kids Lacing Hoop Learn to Stitch Purple LDS Temple

Kid Lacing Hoop by Can Do Stitching

Winner:  Cindy (comment #13) who said...  13

I shared the Christmas resource page on Facebook.


  1. Haha! That's soo funny - on wednesday I made 20 graham cracker houses for activity days (we have a big group!). We have too much in common sometimes. Congrats to the winners. :-)

  2. OH my heavens, seriously one of my favorite movies.

    "And I know you gave her my mug!"

    "I don't care whether you like me or not!"
    Amy Stone: Oh,of course you do."

  3. I remember making graham cracker houses with my boys with lots of candy and frostings. Good memories.

  4. Glad you met your deadline. I'm sure they will like your piece, whatever it is.

    And the graham crackers houses are cute!


    PS. Congrats to all your lucky winners...

  5. I can't believe that I won Rebecca's stuff! Thanks so much!