Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Last Chimney of Christmas Eve

We paired this snow globe craft with our family's reading of "The Last Chimney of Christmas Eve" by Linda Oatman High.  This is a very sweet legend about a little orphan chimney sweep who is treated kindly one Christmas Eve.  He is given a big red furry coat, because the one he wears is very thin, and a snow globe, which he is instructed to share.  As a result the boy grows up to pass that kindness on to others.  I love the message of kindness to others and the effect that one act of love can have for years to come.  

I received an email last night from a reader who was inspired to serve someone.  I felt the true spirit of Christmas in what she wrote:

"When you were doing the John Bytheway CD giveaway, I looked up the blog of the girl you choose for your winner…I loved her 25 days of service.  

There was one in particular I thought I would try…I went to Starbucks and bought a carmel apple cider and took it to the bell ringer for the Salvation Army.  I went up to him and asked if he liked apple cider.  He said yes.  I told him I had bought it for him to say thank you for standing out in the the cold to serve those in need.  I tried to say Merry Christmas, but I started crying.  I walked into Walmart and stood by the carts crying my eyes out.  

At the same moment I received a text from my husband (who is out of town for the season) saying he was at a restaurant all alone wishing I was with him :).  I texted him back telling him I was standing in Walmart crying, because I gave the bell ringer an apple cider. :) 

It really was an amazing feeling to give like that.  I want to keep doing it!"

You guys might want to check out The Frog Princess's list of 25 Random Acts of Service to get some easy service ideas too!  (Although I know you are all serving a ton already!)

Now, are you interested in making this snow globe with your kids?  It's super easy.
(Just be sure to use the right glue!)

Here's what you need:

-clean glass jars with lids (pickle or olive jars work well)
-distilled water, glycerin, and glitter
-epoxy/non-waterbased glue (no other glue will do!)
-small figurines (Christmasy/wintery stuff)

To assemble:

-Sand down the inside of the lid and wipe clean.
-Arrange figurines to create your winter scene.
-Glue them in place.
-Fill glass jar nearly full with distilled water.
-Add a pinch of glitter (we used silver and translucent glitter).
-Add a drop of glycerin (but not too much) to the water.
-My husband also added dish soap to get the "snow"to fly just right!

(Thanks, Martha, for the instructions!)

I'll be back later with a giveaway from Peaden Scott Designs!


  1. I was at Marc's this last week and I saw this book there for .99 cents. I didn't buy it but I bought 2 other books to add to my girls christmas presents. I guess I must go back and get this one too. Thanks jocelyn.

  2. YES!!!! I love random acts of service!!!

  3. make your own snow globe-non I'm impressed!

  4. Now I'm impressed, sweet stories too of service.

  5. I found the idea here first! It's so wonderful to me how quick and easy the blogging world can change lives! Thank you for writing a blog that inspires ME! :)

  6. Speaking of the Salvation Army, our young adults are signing up for two-hour spots ringing the bell and collecting money for that wonderful charity. Our "kids" have been on the other end of some wonderful experiences with those who donate. I'll bet they would have cried themselves, being given the carmel apple cider. They have been so touched, and they have shared some of their experiences in testimony meeting.


  7. Make your own snow globe-COOL!

  8. Army man snow globes, it doesn't get better than that! :)