Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

We watched this Mormon Message at mutual last night.  I thought it was excellent.  I loved hearing people of all religions and all walks of life talking about what they are thankful for.  And I loved this quote from Elder Oaks:

"When we understand that God offers us opportunities for blessings and blesses us through our own adversities-and the adversities of others- we can understand why he has commanded us again and again to ‘thank the Lord thy God in all things.'"

"Let us give thanks for what we are and for the circumstances God has given us for our personal journey through mortality."

Take a moment to tell me what you are thankful for this year.  Leave a comment on yesterday's post about what you are thankful for and you will be entered in a giveaway for this book!  Enjoy!


  1. It's a good one, isn't it? (the video)


  2. What a great video! I love that..."I am thankful for future opportunities"...awesome!! We shall be watching this one as a family. Thanks Jocelyn! :)