Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Been an Awful Good Girl...

Busy thinking about Christmas around here...making gifts and writing lists.

What do you think?  Has Scarlett been an awful good girl this year? :)

Despite this incriminating photo, I think they've all been good as can be expected!!

Little does Scarlett know that Santa already knew what she was going to ask for.
(He's already got it in the bag, so he tells me!)

I, however, am looking for a matching doll and girl outfit that is modest (read: has sleeves).
If you have seen any online or elsewhere, please let me know!

I am crafting like crazy this week, getting ready for the secret sister gift exchange that my friend Marie organizes each year.  We exchange names and then dig into our craft and fabric piles and come up with 12 homemade gifts for someone.  Sounds extravagant, and it really is, but it's so much fun and the ultimate crafting come up with 12 personalized gifts for 15 bucks!!  I'll let you know how it all turns out after the reveal party on December 1st.


  1. I have run into the same problem,
    I have been looking at pieces from that ETSY shop. She makes a couple of dress choices that come with little jackets.
    Or the American Girl doll actually makes a cute snowflake dress with sleeves but it is $54 just for the girls dress...

  2. A bit pricey, but great quality -- I agree with the American Girl suggestion. I just got a new catalog today and they have two cute dresses (pajamas, too) in the Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin section.

  3. Etsy always seems to be the best bet for me.


  4. my sister sews doll clothes for the American Doll. They are so beautiful and soooo affordable. You couldn't match the quality and she will sew a dress to match whatever your little girl is wearing. You should check out her site. You will be sooo surprised! You can buy the American doll at Costco right now for 29.99 that is a steal! She lives in Sandy, Utah and will ship anywhere or you could pick up if you lived closed! she has all sorts of clothes ready made or will make to your specs! hugs....

  5. A fun post and I loved the pictures.
    Two places that I have seen girl dresses with matching doll ones at K-Mart and I think TJ Max.
    Blessings to you!

  6. So here is my question for you, and maybe you talked about this in your blog archives already but I can't remember. How do you keep Christmas from being overrun by...well...Santa? Toby is 3 and I thought he wouldn't be big on Santa yet, but he is already FREAKING out about it and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's my mom who has wrought this obsession in him. I don't necessarily mind the bearded guy, but I do remember when my mom told me The Great Truth I bawled and a little part of me died. I'm still traumatized from that experience.

    Toby is the only grandchild, great-grandchild, and the only kid on my side of the family. He also has 13 grandparents. I love my mom and grandma to death, but neither of them really get why I want Christmas to be less about Santa and more about Christ. They both are going to spoil the crap out of him. I can see this Christmas turning into a rabid fest of tearing things open and bawling when the presents are gone and wanting more presents etc etc. If we were just spending a quiet holiday at home I think we could contain it, but we'll be with my mom and grandma so it's going to be insanity.

    So really, what I am wondering is, have your Christmases ever spiraled out of control and is there anything you can recommend to keep that from happening?

  7. Linda- American girl doll for $30??? Really?? Is it available online?? I would love to get one or two of them!



    anjlde (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Depending on the size of the doll, you could get regular baby clothes in the preemie or newborn size, and get a matching "big sister" outfit for Scarlett (and/or Autumn).

    It also bugs me that Christmas dresses typically are sleeveless (hello? It's winter!) but at least there's usually an option to get a sweater to go with it. That's what we've done the last couple of years for our girls - give up on the sleeve thing and get cardigans to go over the dresses.

  9. there's a topic santa vs. religious significance of the holidays. I always downplayed santa because of that. But the next generation hasn't.

  10. You might try this shop: I saw that one featured on VeryJane (a daily deal type craft site) a few weeks back with matching nightgowns and it looks like she does matching dresses AND custom orders and is pretty moderately priced... Good luck!

  11. 12 with $15... Challenging! I'm anxious to see what you come up with! :o

  12. They are cute and not to expensive!