Saturday, November 12, 2011

Best Star Wars Party EVER.

So, you know that whole "less is more" thing that I have going on this month?

Well, I'm sticking to it...and it's paying off.

Thanks to some tips I found on Pinterest, my husband and I pulled off the easiest...and...according to our young Jedis...the BEST Star Wars Birthday Party.  

So here's what we did:

Fed them pizza and Yoda Sodas.  (It's just 7up poured over lime sherbet.)
I didn't get a picture of the sodas, because they disappeared so fast!  
I served the Yoda sodas in clear cups with these glow-in-the-dark straws from Walmart.

Then the boys attended "Jedi Training School".

They were tested in their ability to identify sounds, and items by taste and feel.

Once they had passed the initial test of their Jedi skills, 
they earned their very own light sabers.

Steve made these light sabers using pvc pipe, covered in foam pipe insulation, and "decorated" them using duct and electrical tape.

Much of the party was spent sparring in the back yard.

A little boy's dream come true!!!

(Thank goodness no one got hurt!)

Some people who shared their Star Wars party ideas online made little Jedi robes.  I thought that was cute, but unnecessary. And instead of a "death star pinata" we did a "meteor shower".  We used black, silver, and white balloons with small prizes inside.  The kids popped the balloons to find their prizes.  

The funny thing is that when the kids popped the balloons, the prizes (little toy soldiers, candy, etc) would fly across the room.  So the boys took to searching under couches to find their prizes.  They found stray markers, marbles, pennies, and broken crayons, etc.  They came to me all excited about their finds.  Let's just say my house is cleaner now after the party! :)

The dessert was brownie (Guy's request) with a very primitive fondant Yoda laid on top
and ice cream...EASY, EASY, EASY.

Of course, Steve might  not say so...since he spent 4 hours making the sabers, but at least four of the children present said that this was the best birthday party ever!

Far be it from me to question the experts!


  1. Love this! Often simpler is better. I know that with my kids, I've done a lot of things simpler. I was really poor during my first marriage, so it was out of necessity.

    The amazing thing: my children and I had a great time.

    Then I was a single mom, and I was still pretty poor, and totally strapped for time.

    yet simplicity saved me again, and we enjoyed things like bike rides at the park, and parties where the activity was making cupcakes - which doubled as the treat.

    Now, I'm in a much better situation in life. I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom, and I still cling to my "simplistic" roots. Sometimes the simplicity makes me feel stingy or lazy - I won't go all out all the time, but I've found that It makes for happier children and a happier mom!

    So - thanks for a realistic blog post showing a party that can be pulled of easily and affordably, and that will impress our children rather than other parents.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this idea! I have a 10 year old obsessed with star wars! I love that you can do a fun party without spending a small fortune. I can tell by the look on the kids faces that they had a blast!

  3. what a fun idea and to think I raised 4 sons in the midst of the first star wars your ideas for partying and it seems the boys did too. congrats!

  4. Mother's who know do less. "These mothers choose carefully and do not try to choose it all." What a great example you set for your children, in addition to the fabulous party!

  5. What a fun idea! I love the look on all the kids faces! Great job.

  6. Looks like lots of fun. Tucking away in my brain for future parties. :)