Saturday, November 26, 2011

CNN Headquarters in Atlanta

You didn't think I'd go all the way to Atlanta and not pay a visit to CNN Headquarters???

I brought Autumn along, who reminded me just what lured me away from the big lights of television...all so I could let my little girl honk on my nose whenever she feels like it!

XOXO to all of my CNN buddies!


  1. there's no comparison to which is the most important job in the world...moms!

  2. I was asked to speak to the Young Women tonight about leaving my "career" to be a stay-at-home mom and how I deal with the negative pressure and opinions of our society. I printed out this photo and post to show them because it so powerfully highlights that joy that comes from motherhood that no worldy career could ever replicate. I'm so glad that we became friends in our single days, and now I can rejoice in motherhood with you as I read your blog. Love ya!