Friday, November 25, 2011

Blue Friday

As you can see from the was amazing!

We got a VIP tour from Eugene, who is in Steve's parents' ward.

We bypassed all the traffic at the lower exhibits and went right up to the ballroom, which has special huge viewing windows of this amazing tank filled with predator fish and sharks.

The aquarium ballroom is normally booked with special events and not open to the public, but it wasn't booked today, so we got to enjoy this amazing view of the tank, and had it basically all to ourselves!

It was both beautiful and breath-taking, and I hope that this is the closest my little darlings will ever come to these particular fish.

(The glass windows are two feet thick.)

Hello, Mr. Leopard stingray.

This is Eugene showing us the surface of the tank, which is basically the size of a football field.
(Most people never get to see this part of the aquarium either!)

Hello, Whale Shark.  You are majestic, but you scare me, so let's not get any closer.

Here are Steve and the kids petting some rays and sharks.

I petted one too.  They felt sort of slimy and squooshy.

(Steve adds that they liked being petted.)

Here we are waiting for the dolphin show to begin.

We sat in the splash zone, but, I think we got wetter during the 3D movie.

The kids saw Santa at the aquarium too and had their "picture made" as we Pennsylvanians like to say.  Santa was so sweet with the children.  I so enjoyed watching their interaction and listening to them ask for A) a baby doll S) baby doll stuff and G) Star Wars Legos.  I love their simple wishes, and hearing Autumn say, "Thank you, I love you, Santa!"

We are making wonderful memories together with Grandma and Grandpa!  What fun!


  1. what an interesting place, fun family times to share with the grandparents...

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  3. Don't be afraid of the whale sharks! They are called gentle giants for a reason. They only eat little fish and plankton.
    My son is shark obsessed, especially whale sharks. He wants to ride on the back of one someday and be a whale shark scientist.
    We took a trip to Atlanta earlier this year so he could see the whale sharks. The place is amazing! We had such a wonderful time there and it sounds like you did too.

  4. We love the aquarium! How fun for you to be able to have the exclusive tour. I am sure you had tonnes of fun.

  5. We've taken our kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it's always a fun day! They especially love the sharks and the petting ponds.


  6. Great post. Makes me want to go. We've been in Georgia almost 6 months, and haven't tried that out yet!