Monday, November 28, 2011

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

We've been home about twelve hours now, and we've already gotten a Christmas tree, started putting up lights on the house, and been to the doctor...and Walmart.  I still can't get over what a stark contrast it is to go from a place of urban poverty to our quiet, lush, abundant countryside...where packages sit trouble-free on my front porch for days, and I can buy a large Christmas tree fresh off the farm for $22.  It truly feels like the land of milk and honey, and I am so thankful to be so much more aware of just how good we have it.  I hope to never lose this feeling of gratitude that is in my heart right now.

The fun thing about being away for six days is 1) coming home with a suitcase full of clean clothes (thanks, Christie!) and 2) finding all of these lovely boxes on my front porch.  Our to-be-decorated tree already has gifts under it! 3) seeing my surroundings with fresh eyes.

Meanwhile, Steve tells me that he's going to put up the lights in an unprecedented way this year.  All I know is that it involves a lasso and The Dangerous Book for Boys.  Notice, ladies, that there is no Dangerous Book for Men, because Men are just boys in bigger bodies! be continued...


  1. to me that's always the nerve wracking part-putting up Christmas lights or watching a hubby or son do it!

  2. I love getting packages in the mail-and putting up the Christmas tree.

  3. I tell my dh that all the time. He is just a little boy in a grown man's body! :)

    I love getting packages in the mail...even when I already know what it is!

  4. OH I hope you had a great trip!!!! I love living in a small town!

    $22.00???? That is just plain crazy!

    (and I'm jealous you were at CNN!!!)

  5. Loved hearing about your trip! And can't wait to see how those lights turn out. :)

  6. I've got a few boxes I'm expecting, but they didn't come while I was gone. Hope they get here soon.

    Sounds like you are getting right into Christmas prep. Good for you!