Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect...Christmas Book Activity: Day5

We got our first December snow today.
And our furry, fearless leader took us to get our Christmas tree.

We faced the flurries in hats knitted by Granny. The snowman hat is a crowd favorite.

We actually set out in one direction, but we talked to another driver at a red light to find out where he got his tree...and he pointed us in the direction of this lovely tree farm.

We ended up buying a nice tall tree off of the "bargain" lot for an unbelievable price.

Now, I wasn't conscious of why we headed straight to the discount section, but I'm sure it had something to do with the story that we read today, which explained Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect.

This is such a wonderful parable.

In this story, all Christmas trees are perfect. And all trees want to stay that way so that some day the queen will choose them to be the royal Christmas tree.

Little Pine is a small, but outstanding tree, who will surely be a royal Christmas tree some day.

But Little Pine is also filled with compassion for the animals in the forest who seek shelter in his perfect branches. Soon his perfect limbs droop. His needles have been nibbled, and there is a gap in his branches where he once provided shelter for a bird.

In the end, the nobility of his actions, not the blemishes in his appearance are recognized by one and all.

And that is why Christmas trees aren't perfect.

This story completely changed the way I shop for Christmas trees.

But our tree is beautiful by anyone's standards.

We had a lovely time decorating it, and afterward Guy suggested we carol around it.

Somehow, we ended up dancing around it instead.

Our craft was pretty sweet...We actually did it a while back, because we just couldn't wait.

Here is a link to this popsicle stick Christmas tree project.

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  1. Some of my best childhood memories were on Tree Day. I remembered these very distinctly yesterday as I watched Guy, Scarlett, and Autumn prance around the tree, fiddle with the low-hanging ornaments, and work so hard to keep the momentum of the day alive into the evening.

    Wonderful post for a wonderful day!

    Love you :)