Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Clown of God...Christmas Book Activity: Day 19

I received today's story --The Clown of God-- from a very good friend of mine,
whose father used to read this story to her as a child.

It took me a while to really get this story,
but I have come to love it for many reasons.

The Clown of God is the retelling of a famous French legend
about a little juggler who uses his talent to bring happiness to others.

His act always ends with the juggling of rainbow-colored balls...
first the red, then the orange, yellow, green, blue, violet...
"...and now for the Sun in the Heavens," he would shout as he tossed the golden ball higher and higher and the crowd's cheers grew louder and louder.

One day, he meets some Brothers on the road who tell him that "everything sings of the glory of God," even his juggling.

It is not until the end of his life that our juggler realizes the truth of this statement,
as he uses his last moments on earth
to lay his special gift before the Christ child.

The message that I take from this story is that
every gift we have been given,
every talent we possess
can be used to testify of and to glorify God.

And it is our greatest blessing and privilege to do so.

I made these felt ornaments to represent the juggling balls.

I inserted cereal bags into the ornaments
just to make them into a special, crinkly treat for my baby-girl to play with.


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