Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Star - A Gift from Scarlett's Nursery Leaders

We have the greatest, most loving, caring, dedicated,
and prepared Nursery leaders in our church.

Each week, they teach the children true principles of the gospel of Christ.
They speak on their level.
They hold them and love them.
If a child is absent, the Nursery leader often mails them a card
or drops off that Sunday's lesson to our home!

It is evident that they see these little children as "precious souls".

Today, Scarlett came home from church with a bag full of special treats
and this star with a lovely poem on the back.

(I hope you can read the poem in the picture above.)

The children are to hang this star above their bed to remind them to pray and read their scriptures every day, so that,

"when you've found your day is done,
you'll see this star and know you've won.
If your own light you haven't let dim and
like a wise man, you've followed Him."

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