Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Gift of the Magi...Christmas Book Activity: Day 15

Today's project came from Happy Together.

It doesn't go with our story. I just really wanted to to try it.

How I did it:
Curl card stock paper into a cone shape.
Secure with tape and trim to make the bottom even.
Wrap in various shades of your favorite colored felt.
Make pom-poms out of yarn and dangle from top of your Christmas trees.

The kids enjoyed fluffing the "snow" most. They also enjoy filling the cones with snow and using them as megaphones.

Our story was an adaptation of the classic O. Henry story Gift of the Magi.

Instead of a husband and wife exchanging gifts, the story is about a brother and sister.

Guy caught on to the fact that the two were giving gifts that the other could no longer use.

I think he also gets that they did it out of love and because they put the other person first in their gift-giving.

Earlier in the day, we made sheep with some friends and wrote love letters to Santa.

Being surrounded by friends this holiday season has been a great blessing to us.

Friends are special gifts.

Especially friends who bring you awesome chocolate concoctions like this.

These are pretzel jumbles: candy canes, pretzels and animal crackers covered in white chocolate.

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