Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30 Days for The Family (A Proclamation to the World)

We had a blast in December,
crafting and learning about Christ.
I just couldn't let the fun end there.

But what to do?

Thankfully, my sister Dawno, sent me a link
to a special address given by Sis. Julie B. Beck,
called "Teaching The Doctrine of the Family" that really inspired me.
Sister Beck says that our children need to have
a clear understanding that the family is central
to The Creator's plan of happiness for his children.

That the world was created for families.
That the purpose of Christ's mission ultimately is
to help us return home to live with The Father
as families.

She says that children also need to be taught that
that their most important roles in life
will be that of a Father or a Mother.

Our children will not learn these sacred truths from the world.

They will, however, learn it from faithful Fathers and Mothers
who take the time to teach them these simple truths.

So, for the month of January 2010, we will be talking about The Family.

Each day, we will study a line or two from
-the definitive document on happiness in family life-.

We will ponder questions like:

What is a family? How do we strengthen our family?
Why does God care so much about families?

Of course, we'll also be crafting, and making messes,
and having a jolly good time together in the new year!

I hope that you will join us!

Now for a Christmas 2009 Gift Wrap-up:
I received some wonderful gifts from all of my family members this year.

Here are a few homemade ones that I thought I'd showcase...
perhaps you'll see some ideas to tuck away for next year.

Here are some cards that Dawn made for our family.
We are to use them to write little
notes of encouragement
to each other through out the year.

The children made gifts for each other this year.
You might have seen Guy's homemade softie dolls in a previous post.

Scarlett actually made this snake for Autumn.
Guy's has a Halloween theme,
but this sweet serpent is everyone's favorite.
(The snake is made from old tights, if you couldn't tell.)

I made these softie Elf dolls for Autumn.
The patterns were free from

My Secret Sister Marie, made this bed-warmer for me,
and I have used it a lot already.
It smells like lavender, and I love the fabric.

See a tutorial for making it here.

Here Scarlett is modeling the sweater that I made for her,
and hugging the snuggly afghan that my Mother knitted for me.

After Christmas, I started a new project.
This little knitted item is a secret birthday gift
for someone special!


  1. hey, I want to do something like that with my me your ideas early b/c you always have great ones. in the past, mckenna sewed pillow cases for everyone in our family using holiday fabrics. maybe Scarlett should try that next year.

    I'm actually giving a RS lesson on that wish me luck!

  2. I'm impressed with your post on teaching your family about the Proclamation! They are certainly blessed to have you. I like the idea and think I would like to incorporate more emphasis on the Proclamation in our FHEs