Thursday, December 10, 2009

Humphrey's First Christmas...Christmas Book Activity: Day 10

If you like grumpy camels with bad teeth, you are really going to like this book.

If you like quick and easy projects, you are really going to like this craft.

To print out the pattern for this folded paper camel, click here.

I used double-sided card stock for the camel and regular paper for the blanket.

The blanket is not part of the pattern, but you can just eyeball it.

Last night, I was pondering why there are so many Christmas stories about animals...and why animals were such close witnesses of Christ's birth?

And today I'm starting to wonder, if there is a little bit of Humphrey in each of us?

Humphrey is proud and concerned only with his own comfort...until his caravan arrives at the birth of baby Jesus and suddenly he realizes that someone much greater has just entered the world.

My kids could relate with the ending when Humphrey shares his beloved blanket with the baby Jesus.

I asked Guy and Scarlett if they would give their blankies to baby Jesus if he was cold. Guy said he'd give him his train blankie, and Scarlett said she'd give him her duckie blankie.

And what would I give?


  1. I just saw this page. So glad you liked Humphrey and picked him for this awesome activity!!! He's my first original story.

    Thought I'd let you know I'll be working on a sequel for Humphrey, called Humphrey's Palm Sunday!

    I wish you the joy of Christmas all year long.
    Warm wishes,