Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Updating 72-Hour Kits

After our General Conference Lesson earlier today about Spiritual Whirlwinds, my children have been all about getting prepared physically for storms as well.  

They immediately went downstairs to set up a tornado safe-house in the basement.  Equipped with blankets, books, and favorite stuff-animals, they moved on to assess their 72-Hour Kits.

We realized it had been 3 years since we updated the clothing in our 72-Hour kits. Scarlett made sure the clothes weren't useful to her anymore by modeling her size 24 Month sweatshirt!  *Actually, I think we packed that for Autumn.

(If you want to see what we put in our kits, click here.)

I love the Tornado Rules that they made up:

We now have one more child than we had three years ago, but we've waited so long that the diapers I had packed for Autumn, now fit Honor!  Score.  Well, this is just a little reminder to go update your 72-hour kits.  I need to update my clothing pack too!


  1. Emergency Preparedness always seems like such a task. And the thought of involving the kids is daunting! Thanks for sharing this. I think that now that the youngest two are older, I should try and get them to help. (They are 6 now). Thanks again.

    1. Yes, let them help and then HIDE the 72 hour kits. My kids love to get into them and play with the stuff inside...stinkers!! :)