Monday, June 16, 2014

General Conference Lessons

We are preparing to start another round of General Conference Review Lessons in our family.  If you are interested in contributing a General Conference-based lesson here, please contact me.  I have also started a page on my blog where these lessons will be easily accessed and added to over time...The page is here: General Conference Lessons.

Here are our General Conference Review Lessons for the October 2013 Conference:

Angels to Watch over Us - President Eyring

Come, Join With Us - President Uchtdorf

The Key to Spiritual Protection - President Packer

The Articles of Faith - Elder Perry

Like a Broken Vessel - Elder Holland

Trust in the Lord - Elder Ballard

No Other Gods - Elder Oaks

Beware of Bondage - Elder Cook

Decisions for Eternity  - Elder Nelson

Repentance: The Hope-filled Path - Elder Scott

The Moral Force of Women - Elder Christofferson

Each Day is a Day of Decision - Elder Nelson

Windows, Priesthood & Tithing - Elder Bednar & Elder Andersen

"Oh, How We Need General Conference!" - Elder Hales

These are our lessons from the 
April 2013 General Conference:
Catch the Wave - Elder Nelson
Fan the Flame of Your Faith - Elder Holland
Stay in Condition - President Packer
A Christ-centered Home - Elder Scott
The Importance of a Body - Elder Bednar
Miracles in Missionary Work - Elder Andersen
Personal Peace - Elder Cook
Drawing Closer to Him - President Eyring


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