Monday, June 16, 2014

Children Can Be Missionaries Too!

Tonight, we kicked off our third round of General Conference Review Lessons, by teaching the children about Elder Ballard's talk "Following Up."

We reminded our family about the story Elder Ballard told of a young boy who invited his friends to attend his ward's open house.  Elder Ballard wrapped up this story by saying, "Primary children can be missionaries too!"

But how?  Elder Ballard gave us at least two ways that we can be more effective in our efforts to share the gospel with our friends:
1.  We can follow up on our invitations.
2.  We can always use the official, revealed name of the church.

Elder Ballard said, "We should not refer to the Church by any other name, such as 'Mormon' or 'LDS Church'.  Let's develop the habit of always making it clear that we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

We asked the children why they thought using the correct name of the church might be important.  One of our children said, "To have reverence."  Another said, "Because we want people to think about Jesus Christ, when we talk to them."

We decided that if it was important enough for an Apostle of the Lord to mention it (actually, it has been mentioned quite often in recent years) then we need to commit now to do it!

The official name can be quite the mouthful, so we decided to practice saying, singing, and writing the full name of the church, until we all felt comfortable saying and writing it.  (They didn't need as much practice saying it as I did, apparently!)  Then we recorded what we had learned in our journals.

That was our FHE.  Short and sweet.

I have started a General Conference Lesson page on my site where you can find links to all of the General Conference Review Lessons.  You might like to pin or bookmark it!

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