Monday, June 23, 2014

Elder Nelson Let Your Faith Show

In his April 2014 General Conference talk, "Let Your Faith Show," Elder Nelson said, “There is only One in whom your faith is always safe, and that is in the Lord Jesus Christ.”  

We need to increase, proclaim, and let our faith show!  

As we live the standards/our religion, we are letting our faith show.  In the world, you might hear or see things that aren't in harmony with what you learn in church or at home.  This will happen more and more often.  Just remember that the Lord’s laws must always be our standard.  "Even if 'everyone is doing it', wrong is never right."  

Some problems in the world are confusing and complex.  Of this, Elder Nelson says, “In dealing with controversial issues, we should first search for God’s guidance."

For our activity, I had planned on asking the children what "controversial issues" they had questions about and then leading them through a search of the Prophet's words on that topic to find our answers, but we will do that at another time, because it is important to me that my kids know that this is the pattern that we follow.

For our lesson today though, we focused simply on the iconic words, "Let your faith show!"

Prior to the lesson, I prepared pieces of white card stock paper with the words of our lesson sprayed onto it using acrylic sealant, like so:

(The doilies were used to make an interesting pattern!)

When they began painting in water colors, the secret message was revealed.

We used this "magical" activity to remind us that whatever happens in life, we need to "let our faith show!"  In every situation, our faith must shine through!

A cheap and easier way to do this activity is to simply write "FAITH" on a white paper using white crayons prior to the lesson.  When your kids apply water color paint to the paper, the word "faith" will show through.  We did it both ways, and everyone enjoyed discovering what message of faith would appear.  This is another activity my kids are going to want to do again...soon!

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  1. I know how time consuming it must be to post everyday but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all of your encouragement! I love reading what ideas you have for your kiddos and am grateful that you are willing to show them!

  2. That is so cool! I love that lesson! What a neat way to teach it! <3