Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eyring: A Priceless Heritage of Hope

In a "A Priceless Heritage of Hope", President Eyring said, "Every day and every hour you can choose to make or keep a covenant with God....When you choose to make or keep a covenant with God, you choose whether you will leave an inheritance of hope to those who might follow after you."  

Now, we've learned about the conversion stories of our ancestors in recent family home evening lessons, so our children are familiar with the idea that their grandparents have left a good example for them to follow.  But for this lesson, we needed to turn our minds, not to the past, but to the future and show how what we do now (even as children) contributes to the legacy that we will leave for others to follow.

Since the concept of the passage of time is hard for kids to really grasp, I decided that we needed the help of a special visitor!

...and that special visitor would be Scarlett...90 years in the future!  

Earlier in the day I told her that I wanted a 97-year old version of her to come to family home evening and share her legacy of faith with the family.  


I explained what President Eyring taught about leaving a heritage of hope for others, and asked Scarlett to tell me what she hoped to do in her life to leave a legacy of faith for her grandchildren.  

I asked her what she'd like her Grandchildren to know about her, and I wrote down exactly what she said.  I'm so glad I got this on video (see below)...she did this with no practice!

During the lesson, I introduced President Eyring's teachings to our other children and then I called to "our special visitor" to join us, and out came: Grammy Scarlett!  

She shared her major accomplishments in life, getting baptized, getting married in the temple, serving a mission, and becoming a mother to 12 children!!  

She said, "It was hard, because the children came three at a time. Three, three, three, three! That makes twelve!"  Can you imagine???  I about died when she told me that in our little discussion beforehand, but if anyone could handle four sets of triplets, it would be Scarlett! (And she forgot to mention, she is very good at math!)

Everybody loved Grammy Scarlett!  She stayed in character, amazingly, the whole time, which can be hard to do when your older brother is threatening to pull off your wig!

I think Honor wasn't quite sure what to think of "Grammy".

But everybody got a "kiss on the cheek" before Grammy Scarlett left, because apparently, that's what Grammies do!

Then to wrap up the lesson, we took turns helping the other children write down (in their journals) what things they plan to do in their lives to leave a "heritage of hope" and a legacy of faith for their own grandchildren some day.  

Isn't family home evening awesome?  It can be really special sometimes. I have to tell you that aside from this epic performance by Scarlett, one of our other kids (a few moments later) was having an epic fit. It was complete chaos, but still this FHE will go down in our family's FHE history and be talked about for many years to come!!  It's so fun when something magical like that happens, but like everything in life, you've got to endure the craziness to enjoy the brief, special, sweet, amazing moments too...as fleeting at they are.  I've got this one on tape, but I have a feeling it's something none of us will ever forget.

You can read more about our General Conference lessons on our General Conference lessons page.  And if you have had a fun experience teaching your children the lessons of General Conference that you'd like to share here, let me know!

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  1. Tremendous, Grammy Scarlett! and Princess Kate would have been so happy to see you in the bone colored heels! Such fashion sense at 97. and the best of all....? You reminded me of my grandmother.

  2. Brilliant. Love it. Great idea!

  3. I'm giving this message in RS as 1st counselor in two weeks. What fun, you know if craziness appears you are on the right track!

  4. What a precious list of accomplishments! I love that she wants 12 kids in 4 sets of triplets. What a great teaching idea. I'll bet Granny Scarlett will be remembered for years to come.

  5. What a very sweet family home evening. Your dear daughter is just so adorable. I am amazed at how wonderful your lessons are and this was exceptional.
    Blessings for sharing this one!

  6. That is so great!! And it's special that you have it recorded to watch over and over through the years. :)

  7. What an awesome lesson! I may have to use this with my kids. We've done a lot of learning about the legacy that we have been left, but not so much the legacy we are leaving.