Thursday, October 10, 2013

President Monson Cake

Well, the day finally arrived for our kids to get their reward for successfully memorizing the names, faces, and teachings of the Apostles and Prophet.

And here it is:  their cake which bears the resemblance of President Monson (crafted by Steve, of course!)  

Apparently, Honor was upset while the cake was being cut, but she had no complaints when she was stuffing her face with the delicious cake.

That's a perk of being the fourth child, I guess...You get to smash cake in your face at 11 months instead of waiting for your first birthday!  (President Monson cake, no less!)  ;)

Thanks to The Damsel for sharing this yellow cake recipe with us!


  1. WOW what a creative and artistic husband you have!! That is great! :) I have a little one over here (okay maybe 3 of them) that just love to get their cake too :) Honor is just so cute and precious! Congrats on meeting your goal!!

  2. Got a good laugh over that one! Awesome!! Good work kids and good work on the cake! How do you make the time for these little projects with school and stuff? I feel like after school is rush rush. Ideas?

    1. Um...nagging my husband to make the cake for like two weeks?? Actually I made the cake. He decorated it. So teamwork and persistence! I try to just squeeze fun projects in whenever I can! Ans we have very little time as well. Its tough. ..just keep moving right???

  3. Seriously impressive cake! That is great talent! Good job to your kiddos for learning and studying! You totally inspired us to do more with conference this year. We are re-watching all of the talks, one each week for FHE. Then I am hanging a photo of that speaker on the fridge for the week. Along with the photo, is their name and one sentence to summarize their talk. Thanks for the inspiration!