Friday, October 4, 2013

K.I.S.S. General Conference

Have you ever heard the acronym K.I.S.S.?

I'm sure you have.  It's used in writing and public speaking instruction to remind us to:


For our purposes, I'm going to substitute SISTER for the final "S".  I never did like it the other way.

If you're like me, your mind is awhirl with things you need to do, meals you need to prepare, a house to clean (I can't watch Conference in a dirty mind is too distracted by the things I need to be doing!  And watching Conference at Noon and 4pm means meals really need to be well-thought-out.)

There are things that are needful though, in helping us to prepare our children (and ourselves) to endure and enjoy and get the most out of General Conference.  And then there are things that are nice.  Both take time.  Both take energy.

As women, the Mary vs. Martha syndrome is alive and well in most of us, I'd imagine, especially over Conference weekend.  I yearn to learn and sit back and soak up the wonderful weekend that awaits us...but I also labor under the stress of the work that successfully orchestrating such a spiritual experience sometimes requires...especially if you have small children.

I have felt tempted this week to stretch myself into a pretzel to get everything done that I desire to do (even if I enjoy doing those things!)  But I have also felt the Spirit directing me otherwise, asking me to slow down, to give myself time to ponder, to listen to the needs of my body to relax and check back in with prepare myself spiritually and mentally to receive His word.  I have also heard the words of an apostle from a previous Conference saying that "busyness" can detract from our ability to receive spiritual promptings.

So, although dishes and groceries and meals and laundry call out to me I took a few moments this afternoon, while the baby was/is napping, to sit in a quiet place, to put pen to paper, to ponder the questions that I want answers for, to search on my own to see what the scriptures say about my feel a tiny bit more grounded.

I have to run off now, but I pray that the Lord will help each of us Moms to know how to achieve what is best and most needful as we prepare for this weekend, and I know that He will and is ever mindful of us, His little army of Moms, His daughters of the covenant.

Be well and sending a great big K.I.S.S. from me to you!!!


  1. there are advantages to being a grandmother or retired mother of little!

    1. Ha ha, oh yes, we are about to reach a fever pitch over here as Conference is almost starting. Gotta get everyone fed and I hear someone (two people) scattering canning rings to the four corners of the kitchen!

  2. Wonderful perspective. The Mary/Martha Syndrome is alive in me. Today I sat down and listened with my notebook and pen and told myself I would not worry about the toys that were strewn about or the laundry that needed to be put away. I'll work in between sessions. I'll sit during. Thanks for sharing and I love your acronym!